I'm a software engineer. I work for a multinational workforce management company. I deal with technology, security, performance, scalability and other interesting kinds of magic :)
Feel free to scroll through some of my personal websites, software & experiments (that i made as a hobby over time)

My Active Projects

XMillis.com / CurrentMillis.com
This family of time services (measurement, conversion, synchronization) is my flagship project

My Articles, Whitepapers & Books




Some Experiments & Investigations




1x1 single black pixel image (2015)
Useful for setting the phone's background to solid black (other dimensions: 100x100, 500x500)

Some Smaller Projects

Virtual Keyboard Assistant (2017)
Have an app perform repetitive "boilerplate" keyboard/mouse actions for you

Regex cheat-sheet & test tool (2016)
Learn & test your regex online quickly

4DURL (2017)
Tool for UI / browser-based debugging

Some Parked / Inactive / Discontinued Projects

Forever Fighter
Pure motivation intelligently split into recovery (post-event) and preparation (pre-event)

Sonic Typing
Hear what you type at a speed proportional to your typing

Sand is an application that i tailor-made for myself unifying concepts from the entire productivity ‘cycle’ (alarms, reminders, tasks, rest). It’s not meant to please everyone but prepare for a productivity boost if you install it: sand.apk (just install on your Android device from there or look it up on Google Play)

IPO Library for Java
Input-Process-Output library for Java

Versatile, award-winning app in its time… Now it’s just unmaintained and old. It used to be on the Google Play Market at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.android.todo but i unpublished it (didn't have an up to date policy relative to the API features it used). Farewell Tag-ToDo-List

[Undisclosed name :)]
Unfortunately i had to discontinue [Undisclosed name]. It gained popularity fast but the fact that it was an unauthenticated web service was exposing the entire host server to security & performance issues. The idea is interesting, almost revolutionary.. But the hardware backbone technology necessary to support such a service isn’t here yet.

Testimonials :)

cool feedback cool feedback cool feedback cool feedback cool feedback cool feedback cool feedback cool feedback

Causes I support

Micro-loans for poor people in developing countries

Portable Apps
Apps that you can copy and run in a portable way without installation. Let's get rid of this antiquated "installation" process.

Eclipse IDE
I use it at work, i use it at home.. It's a sustainable tool, built for the future..

Space X
Any words necessary? Either we remain cavemen (and there is no problem with that). Or: we want to survive in the future as a space faring civilization. Both choices are equally valid. But we have to make the decision and understand the consequences.

Cooking Recipes Invented by Accident

Scallion à la Teo
Heat some scallion in a pan with cooking oil, no more than a few minutes, enough for some of the aroma to escape.. Take the scallion out and put it on a plate. Then grate some cheese over it. Best served with bread and orange juice. Bon appetit!

Dessert à la Teo
Boil some pieces of pear in some water. Take the boiled pear pieces out of the water and sprinkle sugar on top of them. Take 2 oat biscuits (any kind that you prefer): cover one of them with pear pieces and then put the other on top and press a bit. It will stick :) Bon appetit!

My Free Time

Playing with my Nikon P900 camera
Some pictures that i take from time to time with this 83x optical zoom camera